The Ruminaters

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Have a listen and then read on

If you found yourself raucously singing along to lyrics you aren’t yet familiar with, then you are going to want to know more about The Ruminaters . That was their latest track ‘Timmy’ which was released on 9 March this year. It was the first song written by the band and tells the tale of a misunderstood character who is chased out of town due to his necrophilic actions.

The Ruminaters are a collaborative four piece that play “beatnik, barnyard, hillbilly swamp rock”. With varied influences from The White Stripes and Black lips to The Strokes and the Clash, The Ruminaters play feel good tunes with an energetic and nostalgic feel.

Since their formation in 2010, The Ruminaters have gained a strong reputation for their reckless and rowdy live sets, with Triple J and indie community radio showing great support for their single ‘Deadstuff’.

The Ruminaters are set for a busy 2012 with continuous recording and touring planned – watch this space and keep an ear out for that jangling soulful rock.


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