Audego sound like the love child of Faithless and Deerhunter – the dense hard hitting hip-hop bass acts as the foundation for it’s light composition which calmly washes over you. Their music speaks to your inner dancer, as it unlocks a small universe of something special.

It all started with a remix…. When Paso Bionic corrupted Big Fella’s delicate melody like a dirty boss to a pretty intern, it was obvious to all that things couldn’t end there. This re-rub lead promptly to marriage, then to babies and Audego. After a quantum step through space and time, Audego now celebrate the release of their sparkling debut album ‘Abominable Galaxy’. The result of the combined force of the duo is a pretty yet gritty mix of silky vocals, smudged samples, blurred synths and crooked percussion. Constructed over the course of a year in their home studio, ‘Abominable Galaxy’ is a melting pot of soft synths, found sounds and layers of vocal harmonies.

Abominable Galaxy is out now!


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