‘Eminem will see the if he ever heard the psy-hop Dreamers on the Run’ – HIT MAGAZINE

That’s just one line pulled from the many outstanding reviews for the PHRASE album BABYLON

Have a read for yourself  – BABYLON released TODAY.




MELBOURNE MC Phrase outmanoeuvres everyone from Outkast to Nikka Costa to Plan B on his third album, challenging the limits of Australian hip-hop…  Ultimately, this inspired, audacious and thoroughly enjoyable album reconfigures Australian hip-hop and garage — or pub — rock.”

Cyclone Wehner – Herald Sun



Craig Mathieson – Sydney Morning Herald


Rave Magazine



“…an album inspired by garage rock and vintage British R’n’B. It’s a gutsy move but he has the attitude to pull it off.”

Richard Jinman – Marie Claire


“Phrase joins the dots between rock and rap with finesse, carving out his own sound…”

Mikolai – triple j magazine


“..an entirely fresh hip hop sound… Phrase carries it off confidently and shows that in a genre such as this one can in fact benefit from allowing the brave in its ranks to push the boundaries a little.”

Lucia Osborne-Crowley – Drum Media

“…it’s impossible not to admire Babylon’s audacity.”

Jason Treuen – Rolling Stone


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