returns with a haunting new video for his western whistling tune ‘Truth’, along with a remix of the track featuring Wu-Tang Clang maestro RZA.

Alexander (Ebert) released his debut self-titled album earlier this year via Community Music / Inertia.  The remix of ‘Truth’ by RZA first appeared in the season premiere of TV show Breaking Bad.

The video for ‘Truth’ was filmed in a beautiful nature reserve in Tulum, Mexico. Alex enlisted the help of director Tao Tuspoli and screenwriter/philosophy professor Mark Wrathall. Having studied film himself, Alexander brought his own thoughts and creative energy to the video, resulting in a striking allegory of beauty, darkness, death, rebirth and of course, truth.

]Grabbing our attention as the front man of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, whistling skills in hand, knees to slap, fingers to snap and toes to tap, Alexander holed up in his bedroom during breaks from Edward Sharpe tour and recorded his solo debut. With his guitar, a Lowery organ, a clarinet and a violin,Ebert composed the whole album himself.

‘Truth’ was recorded during a break from touring with the Zeroes in his Los Angeles bedroom, using a bare minimum of recording gear, including a microphone, a simple M-Sudio direct box, a guitar, a Lowery organ Alexander picked up at a St. Vincent thrift store in LA, a clarinet (which you can hear in the bridge of ‘Truth’ and a violin.


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