Meticulous tailoring, sharp silhouettes, deconstructed forms and androgynous designs combine in a powerful creative combustion as Sadotna: Spring Summer 2011/12.

The collection is the epitomy of all Sadotna stands for, articulating each angle of a pant, drape of a vest and slinky fit of a shirt with fatally precise skill.

For designer Bronwyn Nicholson, character is just as integral to the design process as is crafts- manship. Inspired by the theatrics of famed actors and creatives over the past century, Bronwyn has injected a strong sense of character into each and every piece in the collection.

The Malcovich story derives from its own namesake, with John Malcovich’s natural ability to slink in and out of character with mellifluous ease informing the flowing lines of floor-length coats, long-line vests and body engfulfing pants. On a diverging tangent, the Mercutio story embodies the lightning-fast wit of the famed Shakespearean hero, with knife-sharp shoulders and nipped in jacket waists making for clean structures that proclaim dramatic integrity.

The Email Dress is a breathtaking example of Bronwyn’s skill for fit, with metres of rich tulle wired at the hem to froth up and join a transparent bodice that encases its wearer with streamlined per- fection.

Cupro makes for flowing yet crisp silhouettes in Sadotna’s shirts, while draped linen pieces in dusty chalk tones break the otherwise steady bombardment of black amongst the collection. Cotton organdy is instrumental in the creation of jutting silhouettes, its stiffness and translucent nature allowing for dramatic shape – with movement.

About Sadotna:

Sadotna is the experimental outlet of Bronwyn Nicholson, a Melbourne-based designer of 40 years whos passion for theatrics and adept eye for fit and tailoring has resulted in a label unlike any other. With an expanse of tailoring and design education, Bronwyn has balanced her formi- dable skill for design with a hands-on approach. Today, Sadotna is eight years old and boasts its own ‘Lab’ in which Bronwyn’s employees meticulously construct each sample to fit-perfection. Sophisticated and androgynous silhouettes combine with a black colour palette to create a dra- matically avant-garde aesthetic. Sadotna’s Fitzroy (Melbourne) store is the epitomy of Bronwyn Nicholson’s vision, stepping the visitor into another dimension in which garments are meticulously constructed characters and the sartorial enhances everyday life.

Visit Sadotna at or in store at 65 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy VIC


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