Faker is very excited to offer up the first taste of their new record; a CSS remix of the track ‘Dangerous’.

The band have been busy giving us a glimpse of the past by releasing old demo’s and recordings in a space called ‘The Back Lot’ via their website www.faker.com.au.

Today marks the first new music to come out of the Faker camp since October 2008.

With the single version of ‘Dangerous’ scheduled for a June 17 release, Nathan and Nic were so excited on hearing the CSS interpretation of the track that they could not wait for fans to hear it. Fans can download the remix for free at www.faker.com.au.

CSS, Brazil’s professional purveyors of fine party, put the balloons and streamers down for four and a half minutes of emotionally charged electro pop. ‘Dangerous’ takes a floor-ready turn among tinkling piano keys and warm, synthetic bass.

The remix came about after a rather fortuitous meeting on the other side of the world. Nathan, who had spent extended periods of time travelling around South America looking for creative inspiration for the new record, had decided he would love to bump into Adriano from CSS in Sao Paulo, Brazil where the band CSS are based. And the next day, in a city of 20 million people, Nathan stumbled across Adriano in a small book shop; they got chatting and, after catching up again in Australia, they got to work on this remix of‘Dangerous’.

To co-incide with the release of the new material, the band has decided to announce their first official Faker shows since December 2009. After deliberating long and hard about where to play first, Nathan and Nic discussed where they had had the most fun on the road. The answer was Tasmania. So the boys will showcase their new Faker line-up with a show at The Waratah Hotel in Hobart on Friday June 24th and at Hotel New York Launceston on Saturday 25th June.

Nathan says of the shows “We’re coming to Tasmania for our first shows in support of our very new record. We’re coming to learn a thing or two about looks and what happens when you play a very new song in front of a particularly excited audience. We want to feel like we put the mania in Tasmania. We’re also coming because we feel like we owe it to you. You don’t get enough love do you? We can fix that. Together.”



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