Attention all skateboarders, BMX and scooter freaks!!!

New jeans save flesh and blood!

Attention all skateboarders, BMX and scooter freaks! Cuts, scrapes and grazes could soon be a thing of the past thanks to the new Urban Kreation Clothing jeans. These seriously cool jeans come with some wicked technology that actually protects the skin when those jumps and flips don’t quite go according to plan.

Lined with both Kevlar®* and Vectran®**, Urban Kreation Clothing jeans are ultra strong and safe. Kevlar® is the substance used in bulletproof vests and Vectran® is the fibre used to cushion the space mission on Mars. The lining is reinforced with a Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) making a micro fibre more than five times stronger than steel. Now that’s pretty tough stuff.

Any skater, scooter or BMX rider that’s working to perfect a new trick will appreciate this level of protection. It’s one thing to tear your clothing, but when your skin comes off too it gets nasty. These jeans have extraordinary heat, abrasion and impact resistance, which means they eliminate scarring, scratching, tearing and heat burns.

Urban Kreation Clothing jeans give you the confidence to go the extra mile, make that leap and take that jump, knowing they’ve got you covered. A little less fear means a lot more performance.

The Urban Kreation Clothing ‘protection’ is attached to the inside of your jeans so it’s invisible to the rest of the world. Your mates will wonder why you’re suddenly even braver (or crazier!) than you were before.

Don’t worry, Urban Kreation Clothing jeans haven’t sacrificed fashion or comfort for protection. The Kevlar®* weave is extremely soft and comfortable and the protective fabrics and joins are invisible when they’re on. The skinny style cut of these jeans means you’ll look the goods on and off the skate park.

The LCP protection of Urban Kreation Clothing jeans also absorbs moisture such as humidity, sweat and rain, which means your performance under these conditions won’t be compriomised.

At around $200 they’re not cheap, but you’ll get a hell of a lot of peace of mind for your money.

Urban Kreation Clothing jeans are now available in Australia. They come in Stretch Slim Fit in blue and black in sizes 26 – 36. Urban Kreation Clothing jeans will be available from specialty BMX, skate and scooter stores. Go to for further details.


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  1. Hi I work for TVF ( company which is leading the seedind of the videos produced by Urban Kreation.

    Please check the latest one ,you may want to embed it on your blog post

    Many Thanks


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