Having just completed a SOLD OUT national tour in support of Eddie Vedder, Evil J & Saint Cecilia are currently gearing up to launch their critically acclaimed album, ‘Strange Beasts’ in Melbourne at THE TOFF IN TOWN on Wednesday April 13.

The wonderfully talented and always entertaining Davey Lane (You Am I) will be joining the girls on the bill, and will play a solo set to kick the night off.


Strange Beasts’ is the eccentrically enticing debut LP from Sydney based singer-songwriters Evil J & Saint Cecilia. Evil J & Saint Cecilia are Eliza- Jane Barnes (E-J) and Cecilia Herbert (Ceci -pronounced cee cee).

After spending the last 4 years writing, recording and touring the world with Liam Finn, E-J Barnes has returned home and joined forces with the wonderfully talented Ceci Herbert (formerly of Guineafowl) to create the luminous and daring debut LP, ‘Strange Beasts’ (out independently March 11, with distribution through MGM).

Self-proclaimed “psychedelic folk” artists Evil J & Saint Cecilia recorded the hauntingly beautiful ‘Strange Beasts’ by themselves, straight to tape in Eliza-Jane’s home studio in Sydney. The result is nothing short of spectacular. Surprisingly refreshing ‘Strange Beasts’ is original to say the least.

The eclectic mix of guitars, electric base, omnichord and a plethora of percussive instruments is complimented perfectly by the girls soaring vocal harmonies. Put simply, ‘Strange Beasts’ sounds like nothing else out there. This analogue beast is brave!

The legendary Rick Will (GrinspoonBoy & Bear) lent them his ears, for the mixing. And now ‘Strange Beasts’ is ready for release, just as Evil J & Saint Cecilia gear up to hit the road in support of Eddie Vedder.

For further info on Evil J & Saint Cecilia please contact:

Alex Opitz


+61 402 368 085



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