I, a Man – New Single & Cornish Arms Show

Forming in early 2010, Daniel Moss, Ash Hunter, Sumner Fish and Erik Rene, quickly made their way into the studio recording their debut EP Fifteen Thirty Three, Co-produced at Hot House Studios with Craig Harnath and mixed by Tony Espie at Sing Sing.

Fifteen Thirty Three will excite those who appreciate music that is ambitious, complex and unique. I, a Man are meticulous with their music; shattering and rebuilding each song until perfect, layering harmonies, intricate melodies and complex rhythms that lodge in your veins an redefine your pulse. Their sound manages to weave a fine line between a beautiful darkness and longing daydreams. The first single from the EP ‘Big Ideas’ provides an amazing introduction to this and a band who are ambitious and dedicated enough to be purely about music.

The EP is due out in May, but before then you can listen to ‘Big Ideas’ at the bands unearthed page: triplejunearthed.com/iaman

Catch them at The Cornish Arms this Saturday night March 19th with Montreal Movement from 9pm. Entry is Free.

Here’s what happened when the band caught up with moonwalker late last year!



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