It was a game of literal quick draw when Speaker TV played host to a live design exhibition during the St Kilda Festival. Only one point separated the top three designers in the ‘Uncap what’s Inside’ competition, with top honours going to Conrad Bizjak’s Loving the Sound of Summer entry.

Arts had two hours to hand-draw their design on a blank poster using only Sharpie markers and the themes of Music and Summer for inspiration. “Music, fashion and art are at the heart of what Speaker TV, so we are always up for unearthing more artistic talent,” says Speaker TV director Ivan Gomez.

“The artists came from all walks of life –the winning designer Conrad has a love for street art but his day job is head designer at creative media agency Big Dog. Second place getter, Faust, can only be described as a true design junkie and Rachee Renee, who

came in 3rd, has been brightening streets, alleyways, warehouses and galleries throughout Melbourne for some time.”

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The winners enjoyed cash prizes, Kangol and exacto products, and instant fame with their works gracing both the Desktop Magazine online and Speaker TV media channels. is a web-based program for music lovers who share an insatiable passion for fashion and art. The show delivers relevant, up-to-the-minute, cultural content, profiling the bands and brands that are dragging pop culture into the future, covering what’s hot in the studio, on stage, in the club and on the street.


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