Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa

What do you get when you mix two young up and coming musicians together on one mixtape…? The answer lies within the most recent released mixtape entitled, How Fly. The Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y matchup is something that is fresh and truly “dope” as some would say! The mixtape really is something that is enjoyable to listen to, unlike other tapes out there, where there are just a small handful of solid tracks. I have had a hard time putting down this tape, and I have been following its progression since hearing about it a while ago! I was never a huge Wiz Khalifa fan, but when I recently stumbled upon his most recent release of Flight School, I decided that I should give this guy a second chance. Curren$y on the other hand, I have known about for a bit longer. Dude put out a mad tape back in ’08 entitled, Independence Day and ever since then, I have been following him since!

So some of you might be wondering, “where the heck is this review going?” At this point, I am going to go in-depth as to why I love this mixtape so much, and why I think you all need to go out and cop this thing and support these two up and coming artists! First off, the production work done on this album is just insane, and something that is never done on mixtapes. I take that back actually, mixtapes by musicians who care about their fans and putting good music end up having an amazing production team on their tapes. Anyway, other than the producing aspect of the mixtape, the flow and lyrical style in which Wiz and Curren$y put together is really something just pleasurable to listen to. It is not everyday that you find two musicians out there who know how to throw it down together on almost every single track! Guys like Chip Tha Ripper + KiD CuDi, Mike Posner + The Brain Trust, and Wiz Khalifa + Curren$y are the reason why Hip-Hop is not dead, and that we will be listening to good music for a long time!

How Fly Track Listing:
1. Car Service
2. All Over
3. The Check Point
4. The Planes
5. Fly N*ggas Do Fly Things
6. S.D.L.
7. In The Middle
8. Layover
9. Drunk Dialing
10. How Fly
11. Friendly
12. The Life
13. Surface To Air
14. Over The Building
15. Rollin’ Up

Download How Fly Here

Curren$y + Wiz Khalifa Promo Ad For How Fly:


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