Illy – The Chase Out Now!

Produced by Jan Skubiszewski, Taku, Stayalz, Fuego and J Squared this record can’t go wrong… with a string of guest vocalists including Owl Eyes, the first single “It Can Wait” being the third and fourth most played on Triple in October it’s no wonder Illy’s second album ‘The Chase’ was so highly anticipated.

This is a record well worth buying!

01. Go

02. Guess I Could

03. It Can Wait (ft Owl eyes)

04. On the Bus

05. Cigarettes (ft hue Blanes)

06. Without a Doubt

07. We Don’t Care

08. Numbers Game

09. Feel something

10. Put em In the air

11. Diamonds (ft Wren)

12. The Chase (ft Oliver Daysoul)

13. I Know (ft Joyride)

14. same Number, same hood

Out now through Obese records – to hear tracks from the album go to:


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