Tone Deaf Presents: Howlin’ Steam Train

Sweet Jesus, did we have a moment at the crossroads there – Tone Deaf sold its soul to the devil in return for Howlin’ Steam Train to bring their stompin’ Southern Fried Boogie blues down to Tone Deaf Live at Ding Dong this Saturday 13th November and we asked Lucifer himself – do you do bulk deals?

We all sold our souls as these snake hipped debonair devils are set to launch their EP with the biggest dose of hip shaking Alabama style blues preaching this side of a gospel revival meeting. We expect you to come and testify, brothers and sisters, because we’ve got the wild abandon of Melbourne’s hottest band, San Fran Disco, jiving it up like the second coming as they keep bringing the hordes of pretty girls down to their gigs. That’s all the better for the sleazy swagger of Carnation as they bring their loose ways to get down on the Ding Dong stage, while I, A Man and Sydney hot shots The Preachers open up a night of rock n’ roll revelations.

As always we’ve got $10 jugs before 10pm, and the Tone Deaf choir boys are going to be busting their chops spinning knee shaking indie rock boogie on the decks until the wee hours. Come down and testify!

Saturday November 13th

Ding Dong

Market Lane, Melbourne

8.15PM – 8.45PM –  THE PREACHERS

9PM – 9.30PM – I, A MAN

9.45PM – 10.15PM – CARNATION





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