Adnate – Graffiti and fine art

More than a decade ago Adnate first picked up a spray can, sparking a flow of creativity that has never been blocked.

Adnate’s work pushes the boundaries between graffiti and fine art. His deep, mystic backdrops created with aerosol cans, combined with articulated, fine acrylic subjects & scapes have always left a powerful impact on viewers.

His passionate colour schemes and multi-dimensional compositions create an intense body of work. This saw Adnate draw a 500+ crowd at his last solo exhibition ‘Demand Attention’ at No Vacancy Gallery in Melbourne. ‘Demand Attention’ explored elements of life, beauty, the environment and urban decay. The standout piece of which was a thought-provoking, two metre tall wild-style wooden crucifix.

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Adnate has bared witness to one of the most avant-garde street art capitals of the world. He has contributed to the scene through scores of graffiti murals – showcasing his art around the streets and into galleries. In recent years his work can be seen in New York, Paris, Berlin, and more, including a Spanish Council sponsored exhibition in Barcelona.

“I always knew that graffiti was art and that one day, this art would end up in a gallery” – Adnate.

2011 is guaranteed to be a big year for Adnate, with two solo shows on the way, one in Melbourne and the other in Berlin, Germany. Be sure to stay tuned as he takes on the world’s contemporary art scene armed with brushes, spray cans, hack saws and a bachelor in graffiti art.

You can catch Adnate at War Of The Walls this Sunday, November 7th.

Collingwood Underground Arts Park at 44 Harmsworth St,, Collingwood



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