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Copy below from the team on the Road:)

Day 1

Hope all is well. After leaving at 6 am this morning from Melbourne airport the Fashion Journey crew (with loaded up cars) took to the roads bound for Eden, with all intentions to get there by 4 pm. After starting off an hour and a half late due to road problems and traffic we were finally on the road ready to trek across the road. Arriving in Moe in time for a late breakfast we were well on track to getting to Eden on time. We found a beautiful landscape with a backdrop that was taken up by the Alpine mountains to do our first shot in (we shot Borsha in a field, which apparently was previously inhabited by wild boars, sadly, the boar had passed on). After three incidents with what is now roadkill, two stops, and nine hours on the road we managed to finally make it to Eden where we were keen to find somewhere to shoot. Photographers Fil & Trav managed to find somewhere to shoot  that was immaculately beautiful and overlooking the Eden port (we shot all of Harvest Powell here, in this lovely couple’s home). After dinner (local Fish & Chips) we decided to go on a midnight rampage shoot (which is where we shot all of No Tomorrow) with a narrative storyline of a mean killer stalking his prey and getting exactly what he wants, which leads us up to right now.

We are waking up tomorrow at 5 am and please feel free to change my words.

Until tomorrow…

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Day 2:

Another 6 am start saw  leave Eden in the tracks and start to make our way to Sydney. With a quick breakfast stop at Bega, which to our surprise (and delight) has a very nice Gloria Jeans we were set for a long travel onto Sydney! The “rat race city” was a fair way off but we were intent on making it to the great city very early so that we could utilize the great weather to our best advantage. After a brief stop for re-fueling we were fortunate enough to see an amazing church in Boalla, which had an amazing history as volunteers Gloria & Ken told us, we decided that the infrastructure was too good to pass up! Here we decided to turn our cars into temporary “get-ready stations” and shoot Identity clothing’s tee’s, and following the amazing history that this building had had, mixed with its religious contribution made sure we that someone upstairs was looking down on us!!

After our brief trip we kept going on the trek towards the harbor-side and as the hours drove past we grew closer and closer until finally we arrived at our goal destination. After checking in at Pyrmont we made our way down to Darling Harbor to shoot brands Mina & Katusha (shot in-front of the opera house) and Violet & I (shot in-front of the Sydney Harbor bridge) just as the sun had set. All and all we had a good day and tomorrow is panning out to be a busy one, so for now we must rest up, and get ready for the busy day ahead.

more coming soon:)


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