Owl Eyes & Tash Parker October Residency

Every singer has their own story. But once in a while, an artist emerges whose music speaks for itself. Revolver have two emerging artists sharing a residency at for three weeks in October. Meet Owl Eyes – AKA Brooke Addamo – a Melbourne singer/songwriter whose dreamy debut EP “faces” is a dynamic blend of eclectic pop influences by jazz, hip-hop and even a touch of swing, but it’s Brooke’s brooding, breathy vocals and lyrics that bring depth and darkness. Meet Tash Parker – Listening to Tash Parker is like stumbling across a secret patch of serenity in the middle of a crowded city.  Her delicate vocal and guitar delivery will invite you into a fascinating autobiography of folk-pop songwriting.   Add a dash of comical stage banter and her performances are at once charming and poignant.

Come and Join Tash and Owl Eyes October 13th, 20th & 28th at Revolver Upstairs with special guests including Jasmine Eyes, Jubul, Rich Lipp, Damian Rogers, Cogel and Kris (The Basics).

Doors 7.30pm.  $10 on the door.




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