Vintage apparel is something that a lot of consumers now-a-days are wanting and the demand for good vintage cloth designers is becoming more and more apparent within the Melbourne fashion scene.

Chic Thai turned Aussie designer Chitra launched her label, Chitra’s Closet’s, spring collection with help from a quartet of Victoria’s most talented violinists and cellists from Orchestra Victoria to help raise awarness for deafblindness and of the ABLE Australia organisation.
An array of colour and beauty streamed down the runway, and each gown accurately captured the ideals of femininity. To “top it off” each model wore a custom made headpiece, that captured attention from all in attendance.
The vintage-queen is no stranger to putting on a show, and this show was no exception, as the quiet overachiever concluded the showing with a brief bow.
Atendee’s of all ages and abilities were impressed with the showing, and women of all ages were lining up to place orders after the proceedings had commenced. It seemed to me as if classic was the best way to go, and outfits shown could easily be a cult hit in many situations.
It is clear that next time Chitra decides to throw a show it will be something you would want to be in attendance for!

Written by Jamie Azzopardi –


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