Brown Paper Bag 3 – Ding Dong Friday 16/7/10

What a great line up. Its was all the bands I needed and wanted to see all in the same venue! (not that I got to see them all, gutted… due to other engagements).

First up was Northeast Party House Bit of a buzz on these kids, not that I really saw what all the fuss was about upon arrival. It might be a bit harsh to judge them on only two songs. The kids seemed to enjoy them though.

Next up East Brunswick All Girls Choir – bit of a mouthful that one, but never the less a great name and great band. I’m not sure what genre of music to put these guys into…EBAGC are sort of a guitar band without being too loud. Marcus has an almost country vibe to his voice, which are complemented by their sultry bassist Rie when she steps near the microphone. The crowd were also treated to their original drummer who was back on duty (Ryan – Children Collide) as they cruised their way through the set with little words, but music that soaked into your soul.

Hitting the stage and unfortunately the last band we would see for the night was The Parking Lot Experiments! I’m not sure where I’ve been, (London actually) but I’ve wanted to see this band since February when they pulled out of my friends magazine launch.
I must say these guys did not disappoint, a band that looked nothing like what I expected, the quiet bits were soft and the loud bits were bangin. Great party band!

Venue was full, great vibe, was sad to leave.

Looking forward to who and what Brown Paper Bag 4 will bring us!


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