Sounds Australia: The Aussie BBQ at The Great Escape!

Sounds Australia headed up by Millie Millgate totally took over The Great Escape in Brighton this year, along with Mary Mihelakos and Glenn Dickie of Stage Mothers.
Millie who works as the Export Music Producer of Sounds Australia has certainly done an amazing job with Mary and Glenn helping Australian acts do their thing on the international Festival and Conference circuit.

This year at the The Aussie BBQ which took place on Saturday May 15th at Digital, one of the better venues of the Festival, which was full all day with 2000 people coming through the doors for the bands that were lucky enough to showcase.
The weather decided to fine up for the BBQ too!

First band on was Melbourne’s best kept secret Blackchords!
Must say after seeing these guys 4 days consecutively and having never seen them before, they are now up there being my favourite new aussie act. They know how to write songs, know how to play their instruments and know how to rock out and engage the crowd. 2010’s dark horse and one to watch for sure!

Next up were the Hungry Kids of Hungry, who I’m ashamed to say I have never seen before! They rocked my world, super tight with high energy, must say the track I enjoyed most was the one the keyboardist took over vocal duties on (sorry can’t remember what is was called, hangover from night before had well and truly kicked in).

I caught the start of Bluejuice, had to run off and missed Teenagersintokyo, Bridezilla, but made it back for a little of Dappled Cities, who are always great!

Can’t wait to see they showcase in 2011!

Congratulations to Sounds Australia and Stage Mothers for an awesome day!

You can find info at:

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