Plan B Presents: The Defamation Of Strickland Banks

I love this record from beginning to end.
The production Ben Drew and Paul Epworth recreating the old motown sound, I love the inside photographic artwork and being a vinyl collector the cd artwork that’s designed as an old Atlantic Records 7inch.

Whoever broke this boys heart did a damn fine job!
Plan B, however as used it to his advantage and written a killer heartbreak album, starting with the beautiful ballad ‘Love Goes Down’ which catchy enough to set the pace for the tracks to follow.
‘Stay To Long’ is an odd style of track which works between rocking guitars, country keys and rapping in the breakdown, but that’s why I think i dig this album so much. Its diverse with Plan’s soulful voice finally being showcased, his roots of rapping still thankfully still being present, the beats, jangly guitars, the jazz moments and string arrangements.

Other tracks of note:
‘She Said’
‘Welcome to Hell’
‘What You Gonna Do’

Move over Daniel Merriweather, Plan B has arrived!


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