The Big Pink – Hifi Bar Melbourne

The Big Pink’s Myspace expressed that the band were English and independent which are usually two vital ticks on my list of what I look for in a band and from their photos it seemed that I was hopefully going to be able to survive the night on eye candy if musical talent evaded. The Big Pink are an electro rock band from London made up of two main lads, Robertson “Robbie” Furze – vocals, guitar and Milo Cordell – programming, keyboards, synthesizer, vocals. The Big Pink are it seems, a band on the rise, touring with the likes of Muse and performing at the big festivals like Coachella in April and our very own Golden Plains. I liked The Big Pink online… The Big Pink live…well…

The Big Pink is one of those bands that are trying to be different. An in their effort to succeed at this goal they have ended up on the same path of all the other bands in that somewhat pitiful category… seems a bit harsh but unfortunately true. The good thing is that they appeared to play their music because they loved it, which was apparent by their lack of crowd acknowledgment throughout their one-hour set.

This however didn’t bother the crowd, who had steam pressed their skinny leg jeans to attend the gig not because they were interested in rifts and lyrics but more so to see who was there and be seen by who was there. This resulted in little to no crowd involvement due to their preoccupation with checking out the person next to them and re-preening their already perfect fringes.

The gig was an interesting display of a new social phenomenon called “gig-dating”, which is like online dating but obviously at gig, where girls or boys dress up and go to the “right” gigs in order to snag a mate.
There was one couple, however, who were true fans and lost their shit to every song, bumping into the hoards of hipster zombies that stood in their way.

The Big Pink didn’t loose the crowd completely however, ending with a bang by playing the one song that everyone knew, Dominos, which had the crowd dancing with joy as the looked at each other with pride for knowing the lyrics: “ These girls fall like dominos, dominos…” repeat to fade.

The Big Pink’s album A Brief History on Love is out an about on iTunes and Amazon and if you want to have a look at their music their Myspace is but a bit of advice: take off your skinny leg jeans before you make a decision… nah on second thoughts don’t.

Words: Eva Lubulwa

Check out their interview with Speaker TV:

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