And the rain came down… Future Music Festival March 7th

Future music festival was scheduled in, a day of beats, warm weather and swarms of fluoro tank top wearing, Rayban owning, Melbourne-shuffle dancing kids running around getting their fill of the best dance beats to hit the country and world.

Spank Rock

DJ’s were primed, the weather looked to be holding out and the crowd in their excitement were filled with the mania of a wild boar pre-feed.
The early acts like Operator Please, Mat Zo and Tim and Jean were lucky enough to playing the last rays of sunshine way. The highlight of the day would have to be Spank Rock who amazed the crowd, encouraging convulsions and cheers that almost deafened the music. During their set the Spank Rock crew asked up people… I re-phase, chicks from the crowd to do what chicks usually do, dance like they are in a Fifty Cent video clip all while hoping that it would be there bumping and grinding that would land them access to the artist after their set was completed. One of the girl from the crowd however ripped a massive tear in this firmly engrain theory of mine. She got up on stage nearly swoon with excitement asked to sing a verse and nailed it word for word, hand gestures and all. The crowd went mental as she bounced and bobbed around the stage performing like a pro.

Amandah - Operator Please

Harris Robotis

Harris Robotis followed after, riling up the crowd for the UK band Does It Offend You Yeah? The crowd squirmed and jiggled to each beat dropped like a baby being poked at and by the time his set ended the crowd was so thick I could only see the stage the a lattice of armpits and bleach blond hair dos.
The UK band Does It Offend You Yeah? rocked on stage claiming that they we willing to die an electrical death in order to play for their Australian fans. However one song in the stage had to be closed down due to safety regulation which started a riot and a tirade of water bottles chucked at organisers as the half drunk crowds took on the anger of an English football mob.

Dan and James - rained off the stage again....

Our only option was to give up and watch the likes of Franz Ferdinand who were and unlikely band to play at such a festival and their guitar based tunes seemed like a watered down option in comparison to the heavy beats and computer based rhythms of pervious acts.
Fearing pneumonia and influenza many of the weak, not so dedicated and the drenched headed home. Others left due to bands being cancelled and the big brother like warning on all the main screens. Though most punters packed trams at 8pm some of the more dedicated passengers jumped back off with the news that the party would continue and that it did.

Franz Ferdinand

Future music was worth the two-week cold I have been suffering since the event. For any more information on what the future entertainment crew are putting on in terms of dance web stalk them at:

Fenix Pawl

Words: Eva Lubulwa
Photographs: Semira Rogan


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