Gossling @ The Empress 5th March 2010

A visit to the Empress to see the launch of Gossling’s EP, If you can’t Whistle can only be liken coming home to a family reunion. Your mother is telling you stories of the good old days while sneakily sipping on cherry and not so quietly getting drunk, there is that cousin that is always shout inappropriate obscenities during the nicely laid meal of fish and chips which you are scoffing down to a backdrop Bach or some other high class music while rubbing the unwanted bits of fish into the bright red 70’s styled carpets.

The Empress on Friday was occupied with two types of women: women on a “girls night” and women and their boyfriend. It became painfully obvious that this was one of those girl ballad bands who are sweet enough for girlfriends to express “arrghhh’s” as they look lovingly into their boyfriend’s some what pained eyes but had enough guts to have that under current of womanpower. Needless to say the boys were on their best behaviour feeling unnervingly out numbered but the majority female crowd.

Gossling is a four-piece band headed by singer/ songwriter Helen Croome who hails from country Victoria. Helen has an unorthodox voice, which sounds similar to the affect that one gets after years of whiskey drinking and indulging in too many sneaky cigarettes. Her lyrics captivated the audience, while she gently tapped on the piano and walked…some times dragged the audience through her short but sweet set.

Gossling played a half an hour set that included songs like Paper Boat, He Knows My Love and Hazard which turned out to be the best song of the night. The band, were joined on stage by Ryan Meeking out of Ryan Meeking and the Few to perform a heart felt duet. The band, were tight and impressively able to keep soldiering on while one yobbo openly and rudely commented through out part of their set.

Gossling does this cute but interesting girl folk well, but brought nothing different to the performance that have been coined by other female musicians that came before her. It seems to be a known recipe for making a sure fire thing, start with one cute girl, insert quirky voice, a backup band that contains at least on classical instrument, shake or stir and pesto!!!!

I am not saying that this band won’t go far… they probably will, Gossling are currently touring with their debut EP If you can’t Whistle and supporting The Whitlems and Whitey, but personally I would only purchase this CD to nest comfortable between Laura Marling and Joanna Newsome and to listen to on Sunday’s when I was chilling out in the lounge room and folding the laundry.

Gossling’s music can be found both on iTunes and on their Myspace http://www.myspace.com/gosslingmusic, and all I can leave you with is the sentiment that lingers after a drunken shag….”don’t get me wrong it is not like I am saying it wasn’t good….”

Words: Eva Lubulwa

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