Creative Noise – BARK Magazine

Speaker TV helped launch Bark Magazine, which is the newest and hottest ticket in town!! Bark is a quarterly publication, focusing on spotlighting Australia’s budding creative population.
Issue # 1 of Bark, released on the 15th February 2010, features some of the finest emerging talent, from various creative fields including; arts, fashion, music, multimedia and craft, and to add candy to the ice cream, each issue of Bark is distributed with a complimentary DVD displaying some of the works of the artist involved in the magazine.

Bark Magazine is the brainchild of Eva and Peter Lubulwa. The
production of the first issue can be attributed to caffeine infused
sleepless nights, support from creative companies, and collaboration with a vast creative team.

Bark magazine is available in Borders, Readings, Magnation and major inner city news agencies in Melbourne. Bark is also available in selected News Agencies in Canberra and Sydney.
For all other states subscription can be obtain via the Bark Magazine website:
or emailing the creative editor Eva Lubulwa at
For people that want to get involved with writing, photographing or being an artist featured in one of the magazines please email send and email to

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