Polyphonic Spree Melbourne! They came and Amazed!

POLYPHONIC SPREE @ The Forum – 27th February 2010

Saturday night held the same excitement and fear of the moment just before one looses their virginity. This night would be my introduction to Polyphonic Spree live in concert and what more appropriate place to pop my musical cherry then at the Forum Theatre. Rocking up nervous as a 16 year old on prom night, I entered the Forum, which was speckled with 100’s of people dressed in Indian hats. I had entered carnival and the crowd were rife with anticipation. They seemed to all be holding a unanimous breath, just waiting to see the band that has the ability to enchant people in a magnitude that one could never imagine until it is experienced first hand.

Photograph by Annabel Allen

Polyphonic Spree is an orchestra that hails for Dallas, Texas. The band comprises of over 20 members, which include a 3-part horn section, a cellist, a violin, a guitarist, a bassist, a flutist, a drummer, a keyboardist, 6-member choir, and the lead singer/ conductor Tim Delaughter. The music that Polyphonic Spree produce oozes love and euphoria that seems to be plucked out of the air and placed in your ear by Delaughter charismatic and quirky conducting. The hit songs Hold Me Now, Light and Day, Running Away and 2000 Places where the major anthems of the night.

Photograph by Annabel Allen

Polyphonic Spree pulled no stops for this performance… there was confetti and balloons falling from above. The choirgirls moved erratically yet in complete synchronicity, belting out song after song. The flutist jumped from one side of the stage to the other and ended the night in tears of happiness. The horn section when on break from playing, tapped each other on the shoulder and pointed out things that were happening on stage in amazement…there was the cellist that played upside down, the band’s covers of songs like Live and Let Die by Paul McCartney and Lithium by Nirvana and the moments where members of the band jumped into the crowd to partied along with their minions.

But those weren’t the highlights of the night… it was the moment the band existed the theatre prior to their encore and the crowd sang the lyrics from Section 32: The Championship to an empty stage in the hope that Polyphonic Spree would reappear.

And reappear they did…all donning white robes bringing with them that sneaky suspicion that we had all joined a cult.

Polyphonic Spree, is the kind of band that inspires those moments where everyone in the room shares the same smile, it is like we all realised that this concert would be relived in conversation time and time again with a note of frustration when trying to explain with words the most epic occurrence in our musical lives so far. It was the epiphany that drugs are no longer needed to get high, that realisation that excites and petrifies you all at the same time.

Polyphonic Spree played a two-hour set which was best described by Delaughter himself,” It was just us in this bubble tonight no on else.” And so as I try lamely to express the greatness of Saturday night I can only depict it as the connection experienced between couples when they have a child… I guess I am musically pregnant… just my luck that it would happen on the first time…
Join the cult, be the revolution of love:

Photograph by Annabel Allen

Eva Lubulwa – Bark Magazine and Speaker TV


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