Good Vibes Melbourne 2010

It was a busy day for us interviewing, so we only caught snippets of the bands we really wanted to see or really only had time to see.
Of course the one band we had to see was Gossip as we couldn’t get an interview with them 😦
Beth’s and the bands soulful take on their pop/punk did not disappoint me either! Gossip have clearly crossed over to commercial land, but are well deserved of it, after all the band have been playing around for over 10 years.

Salt n Pepa, Think its fair to say that most of the punters went to Good Vibes just to see them! They were definitely one of the big draw cards for me, It’s been a 10 year wait… These ladies certainly know how to work a crowd! Meeting them after their set was the highlight for me. What great chemistry, they giggled a lot, like teenagers doing their first interview. Salt’s 10-year-old son adoringly watched us interviewing his mum with such pride.

Basement Jaxx totally rocked the main stage with what felt like 20 piece band, a plethora of singers, costumes, brass sections, coloured jeans and massive light show (pity it was still daylight).
Proving once again, why they’re still on the festival scene!

Friendly Fires couldn’t make it out due to personal reasons, however the lovely Jack came all the way out to brave the heat and bringing us a bangin DJ set! For that Jack we love you! Although he kinda looked up bit lost on the stage without his drum kit….

My surprise band of the day – Gym Class Heroes, although i had a feeling they would totally rock the house live. Before seeing them on stage I have to admit I really didn’t get them and I have to admit I still don’t….
However Travis McCoy and his band WOW! They certainly know how to work an audience, the kids were going off and I was mesmerized.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to see Naughty by Nature, Busta Rhymes or Kid Cudi, but heard they are were all amazing!

fortunately for me, our interviews were all done by the time The Killers played. Massive Wow factor on this one, its been a couple of years since I last saw them at Festival Hall and I must say their live show is now well up there with some of the best bands in the world. No pitt access for photographers, so sorry no photos. All I have is the memory of seeing them, then again later that night when the whole band turned up at my vinyl night at rock n roll haunt Cherry Bar in AC/DC Lane….. Worth way more than photos for me 🙂

Stay Tuned for interviews and live footage…. coming soon….

Words: Sarah g
Photographs: Semira Rogan


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