British Sea Power @ The Corner Hotel Melbourne

Playing dodgem cars on Hoddle Street, on a Friday night in a bid to get to the Corner Hotel for the first rift of indie greats British Sea Power (BSP) was a game of Russian roulette worth playing.
British Sea Power (BSP), hailing from the Brighton, England was founded in the usual way, lads (and a chick) getting together and playing songs for the music appreciates out there. Friday night was no different, the dark room was packed to the rafters with guitar-loving boy crowd as the 6 member band serenaded them with tunes from their most recent albums, Man from Aran and Do You Like Rock Music?.

The crowd however had two strange anomalies one being that they all seem to be dancing with middle age, this seemed to be the destiny of scene-sters as the years go on, their hair cuts get shorter and less swooping, the pants baggier and higher and the tattoos once worn as a badge of honour are now demurely hidden behind beige and maroon checked shirts.

The second anomaly was that the majority of the crowd was expats, proudly donning football jumpers (of the English variety), bad teeth (jokes) and pointing their hands to the ceiling with appreciation.
Apart from these 2 facts the crowd was much the same as any Melbourne crowd, in awe of the band breaking out with whoop and hollers in the gaps between one song and the next, but unwilling to show any kind of physical appreciation through dance.

BSP however seemed un-phased by this reaction performing the grand sweeping tunes, swapping instruments like a floozy swaps…well you get the drift and gracing the crowd with what can be only defined as that indie essence of nonchalant making everyone in the crowd feel honoured to have the chance to breath in the carbon dioxide particles expelled by the band.

BSP’s sound ranges from epic instrumentals, indie rock anthems and sweet ballads, which make this band truly genre defying.
The swan songs for the night were, Waving Flags, Remember Me and Carrion which seemed to be a shouted out as a request like a cheer at a football match through out the night.

Nearing the end of the evening the band somewhat abruptly took their bow and headed off stage leaving the crowd cheering, and hanging for more like a herd of wild pigs at and empty trough. The band reassembled on stage to play and encore that had so much energy that I was almost sceptical about whether they had exited the stage to take some kind of uppers.

The encore was laced with the second guitarist being carried up right through the crowd quite gracefully as he continued to play. The bassist, up this anti by crowd surfing until he reach a poll in the middle of the room, grabbing on to it for dear life, hanging upside and then proceeding to crowd surf back to stage. To this the crowd finally reacted with mania, like their pill of Viagra had finally set in and the love began to flow …then over flow as they derangely jerked and bounced to every frenzied note. Mission accomplished: middle age Melbourne scene-sters showing physical appreciation for music. I think this band may have opened Pandora’s box.

British Sea Power are rumoured releasing a new album in 2010, however it seems to be hard to find much web information on what the troop is up to next… if you are hungry for more of their stuff I can start you on the scavenger hunt at their website: good luck and God speed.

Words: Eva Lubulwa


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