HOT BBQ –The War Begins- 16th January 2010

Words: Eva Lubulwa

Hot BBQ brought to our shores by the guys from Future Entertainment was a battle of the beats waged by an army with tan tainted skin and fluoro wife beaters. The dance arena was speckled with tribal inspired dance moves, accompanied by serious faces and the odd smile. The music provoked people to lose any trace of their city personas and delve into that moment between beats, where one dance move ends and another begins.
To claim that there was peace and tranquillity by the Point Neapean sea-side that day would be a misrepresentation of facts to say the least. The ground grumbled with the vibration of the rhythm as the weight of the party people bouncing up and down dinted the delicate soil. This was war and as the drum beats increased with tempo as the mania grew from a dull roar to an out right war cry.

The highlights of the days battled started early with new comers We Are Fans introducing us a fresh new genre of music. Their sound can best be described as the illegitimate love child of disco and dance. They began to play when the sun was high and the sweat pour freely but despite themselves people began to dance.

Maxi - We Are Fans

The Scientists of Modern Music continued this trend memorising the crowd with their intoxicating mix of funky electronic tempo, synchronised dance moves and tight synth infest melodies.

The Lost Valentinos

Bertie Blackman brought the rock tunes, which made the crowd shake as her strong soulful voice washed over the audience.

Jet played an almost hypnotising performance with the crowd’s eyes glazing over as they sung the lyrics in complete unison while jump up and down to every rift, note and drum beat.

Nic - Jet

Sneaky Sound System brought back the fun, the lead singer Connie Mitchell wore a Jetson’s inspired attire and danced around the stage as the crowded mimicked her performance in the vein of a wiggles concert for drunk adolescents.

Connie - Sneaky

But the highlight of the night would have to be our all American master of the decks who brought insanity to the crowd by using his turntables as a weapon. Grand Master Flash played the best tunes since the early nineties which in the beginning had people quoting utterances like “ man I love this song” and by the end had over loaded their sense into such a manic thirst for the next tune while desperately trying to hold on to the last the English language evaded everyone’s lips, leaving only a high-pitched scream the could no longer be measured by simple decibels as the crowd almost tramped each other trying to fit as many dance moves in the time allocated to the guy that made the deck a musical instrument.

The Grandmaster himself!

Hot BBQ was insane… As cars headed back towards the city, faces were washed clean to regain the little respectability needed to face the city inhabitants, bodies lay limp in back seats of cars as if all life had been drain and all that was left was a glint in their eye and the hope for more craziness at the same place, around about the same time next year.


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