The XX At The Corner Hotel Melbourne – Simply Enchanting!

The best thing about The XX is their simplicity. Everything is simple: their set up, their light show and their carefully crafted soulful pop songs. I mean, their music is pop isn’t it… It’s new wave pop.

The band is still very humble in their approach to their live shows – or perhaps it was the fact that is was a stinking 40 degree night in Melbourne! Dressed head-to-toe in black, with a plethora of pendants hanging from both Romy’s and Oliver’s necks, they took the stage with no hesitation but with an almost overwhelmed vibe. I think their massively growing popularity had just hit the softly-spoken South Londoners.

Their hour long set seemed to pass extremely fast as they mesmerized the whole crowd, including myself. They kept the crowd for the entire hour, playing all the tracks everyone was there to hear: ‘Crystalised’, ‘Basic Space’, ‘Islands’ and their current single ‘VCR’, along with their beautifully crafted version of ‘Teardrops’, the Womack and Womack cover. I love everything about this band – their intense but welcoming stage presence, Romy and Oliver’s voices that are flawless live and complement each other in a perfectly gentle, soulful, but still indie fashion. Let’s not forget Jamie the beat maker at the back of the stage, busily twiddling knobs behind the single drum cymbal, hopefully not going unnoticed. After all, he is the producer of the band!

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