The White Rapper Encyclopedia

complex put this encyclopedia data bass of white rappers, genius.

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A Message from Complex Magazine

“Our December/January Issue officially hits stands today, so you can finally hold the issue in your hands and read the Eminem (and Zoe Saldana) cover story whenever you want. But all the hoopla surrounding the Eminem interview got us thinking about the role that he plays in hip-hop: sure, Em’s not the first white rapper, but he’s inarguably thought of as the best to do it. But what of the others? Those dozens and dozens of grafted devils, blue-eyed and otherwise, who rap their hearts out for years, without so much as a how-do-you-do? It’s time they got their shine, and we don’t mean the way the light bounces off their melanin-deficient skins.

We’re nothing around here if not lifelong hip-hop fans, so we dug through our old shoeboxes to put together the most exhaustive collection of white rappers ever. Are there some we’re missing? In the age of MySpace rappers and mixtape gluts, of course there are. But we can tell you right now that if we didn’t mention them, they don’t mean a thing. We stayed away from reggae (sorry, Snow, Matisyahu, Collie Buddz, et al.) and “rap-rock” (sorry, Kottonmouth Kingz, Bloodhound Gang, et al.), and from anything resembling “comedy rap” (sorry, Rappin’ Rodney Dangerfield, 2 Live Jews, et al.); yup, only the real-deal holyfield hip-hop for this encyclopedia. Oh, and we didn’t include biracial rappers—we’re not slighting anyone, it would just become too unwieldy (do you have any IDEA how many rappers are half-white?), so that’s why you won’t see Drake or Slug on here. Click on to read up on the 160 (!) white rappers who loved hip-hop enough to put themselves on the front lines. No, they’re not all dope, but they’re not all wack either…”


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