Modular Records Xmas Party!

Modular Records chucks one hell of a Xmas Party; iconic St Kilda venue The Espy heaves with revelers as varied and various label mates grace her two stages. Early in the evening’s proceedings, Sydney-based singer-songwriter Jonathan Boulet delivers an ethereal set of strumming folk-pop, amply filling the environs of the Gershwin Room.

Prolific local DJ Andee Frost then takes time to warm up the Front Bar dance floor– before continuing on to his residencies at The Toff in Town and Sorry Grandma! (the club’s name includes the exclamation point; but it is exciting, though – isn’t it? … all that DJing!) A diligent scouring of the blogosphere has confirmed that he’d had us stomping the boards well before dark to the synthy Den Haan remix of The Phenomenal Handclap Band’s undergarment -spruiking classic “15-20.”

Back to a packed Gershwin Room where those bare-footed neo-hippies Tame Impala belt out a few slow burners, culminating in their churning, mildly hallucinogenic reworking of Blueboy’s ‘90s club hit “Remember Me.” The shaggy lads’ ranks appear to have been filled out by a fourth member – a lanky androgynous pixie on rhythm guitar – and judging by the response of the crowd, their stage presence reigns as a true balls-out psych rock outfit.

Canyons then pick up the ball and run with it, their DFA Records released 7” “Fire Eyes” a thumping, gurgling highlight. DJ sets by the Sydney duo and Melbourne’s Knightlife blend seamlessly together from the Front Bar, punctuated only by a mass migration once again to the Gershwin –to support Muscles, who’s obviously kissed and made up with his Modular People.

A sardined throng soaks up his relatively phoned-in effort, which does eventually reach crescendo when the young man actually reaches for an actual instrument, finishing with his summertime anthem, “Ice Cream.” Perspiration-inducing dancing spills out one more time to the well-trod triangle that separates the Front Bar and stage, the decade that was and is Modular’s coming ever closer to a close…
– Cameron MacDonald


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