Rihanna Gq Cover Shoot

(click to enlarge…yeah, I know you will ; )

Rihanna is the covergirl of the latest GQ magazine…and in the shallow Q&A, the writer tries to find something new to talk about with RiRi in vain. It doesn’t help that throughout the interview, Rihanna’s manager is said to be hovering…censoring topics that Rihanna willingly discussed with Diane Sawyer, with Angie Martinez and  others

GQ: Did you blame yourself?
Rihanna: Initially? I mean…actually, no, I never blamed myself, but I wondered what, what did I do to provoke it?…
(This is the breaking point. Hovering Manager chimes in with “You’ve exhausted it now.”)

That pretty much sums up the interview. The writer does manage to ask about the rumor that a herpes transmission caused the fight with Chris Brown. Which obviously Rihanna shoots down. Duh.

But lets be honest…who cares about the terse Q&A…the photos are insanely hot.  there’s no question…she  is killin’ these chicks out here. Dead!


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