Raps New Royal Family – Young Money Crew

Young Money, baby! The Young Money album is slated for November 24, as is Lil Wayne’s Rebirth LP, according to a source in his camp.

No doubt about it, the New Orleans Fireman is loaded. Rap’s most popular mic king just kicked off Young Money Presents: The America’s Most Wanted Music Festival, and one of Weezy’s main goals on the tour is to make sure his Young Money artists get shine. While you know all about Drake (he’s a Fire Starter alum), Nicki Minaj and newest member Omarion, we thought we’d put you onto game about the rest of the clique.

“Gudda, he’s got this aggression about him,” Wayne told us about the artist who’s been with him the longest. Gudda Gudda has been riding with Wayne since he was a teenager on Cash Money.

“What people don’t know, Gudda started rapping several years ago,” Weezy added. “He started rapping because I said, ‘I like your look. You should rap.’ I wrote his first rap for him, and I never written another rap for him ever since that day I told him he should be a rapper.”

Representing the younger faction are Lil Twist, who’s on the tour riding his Segway scooter around, and Lil Chuckee, who uses his feet to cover ground backstage.

(No doubt wayne is high as hell in the above clip from the Carter 3 Documentary Released at Sundance)

“His energy, he’s a pure entertainer,” Weezy said of Chuckee. Wayne is also a fan of Chuck’s swag. “I know that kid is gonna make it. It’s like in sports when you got that Kobe Bryant. You don’t know what to do with him, whether to play him the guard, center, small forward — you just know we’re gonna win with him.”

Rounding out the clique are mostly names you’ve heard of: Mack Maine, Tyga, Jae Millz, D. Woods’ sister Shanell (also known as SNL) and T-Streets.

“He’s more like my brother,” Wayne said of Streets. “He’s been with me since Gudda. He’s like my protector. Anybody wanna play games, T-Streets is right there. So I make sure T-Streets is on everything I do, always around.”


17 Responses to “Raps New Royal Family – Young Money Crew”

  1. omg luv u guys please reply love u niki hotest female rapper

    • wat up young money yall go hard yall need 2 let me nd lil twist make a song cuzz i am 15 nd can sing and rap drake be killin

  2. omg i love LILWAYNE i want to marry u and i have your cd rebitrh i loved
    it and i’m 10 years old

    LOVE U

  3. Get money Keep yo head up even in the worse case

  4. i persent to u 1 of the greatest rapper alive

  5. olumide jancy abass Says:

    i luv every member of the young money crew.nicki, you d best.

  6. dustin dutchek Says:

    yo what happin young money you guys with rip shit you till the fucking end yall

    lil wayne .. so happy your out now ..love your new c.d man
    i listen to it all day man and i made some sick covers to em

  7. dustin dutchek Says:

    if i got a reply back from anyone in young money that would be pree sick yall and if they would give me some pointers on how to wright better rap mang

    • dustin dutchek Says:

      young money i will listen to all you raps till the fucking end .lil wayne i started listening to you since i was in gr 6 now im in gr 10 and im a stright A student and all your music inspiers me and it makes me in a way better mood so then i start wrighting raps and it would be sick if ya would give me some pointers on how to wright way better wraps …..

  8. shanell sucks on niki manaj is tha best girl in girl in tha young money crew:)

  9. i luv LIL WAYNE nd Drake nd NICKI MINAJ

  10. i luv u all ,u are super rocking the station around the world

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  13. Tbabs jazz Says:

    Lil wayne u’re genius…..we love u guyz….

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