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Raps New Royal Family – Young Money Crew

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Young Money, baby! The Young Money album is slated for November 24, as is Lil Wayne’s Rebirth LP, according to a source in his camp.

No doubt about it, the New Orleans Fireman is loaded. Rap’s most popular mic king just kicked off Young Money Presents: The America’s Most Wanted Music Festival, and one of Weezy’s main goals on the tour is to make sure his Young Money artists get shine. While you know all about Drake (he’s a Fire Starter alum), Nicki Minaj and newest member Omarion, we thought we’d put you onto game about the rest of the clique.

“Gudda, he’s got this aggression about him,” Wayne told us about the artist who’s been with him the longest. Gudda Gudda has been riding with Wayne since he was a teenager on Cash Money.

“What people don’t know, Gudda started rapping several years ago,” Weezy added. “He started rapping because I said, ‘I like your look. You should rap.’ I wrote his first rap for him, and I never written another rap for him ever since that day I told him he should be a rapper.”

Representing the younger faction are Lil Twist, who’s on the tour riding his Segway scooter around, and Lil Chuckee, who uses his feet to cover ground backstage.

(No doubt wayne is high as hell in the above clip from the Carter 3 Documentary Released at Sundance)

“His energy, he’s a pure entertainer,” Weezy said of Chuckee. Wayne is also a fan of Chuck’s swag. “I know that kid is gonna make it. It’s like in sports when you got that Kobe Bryant. You don’t know what to do with him, whether to play him the guard, center, small forward — you just know we’re gonna win with him.”

Rounding out the clique are mostly names you’ve heard of: Mack Maine, Tyga, Jae Millz, D. Woods’ sister Shanell (also known as SNL) and T-Streets.

“He’s more like my brother,” Wayne said of Streets. “He’s been with me since Gudda. He’s like my protector. Anybody wanna play games, T-Streets is right there. So I make sure T-Streets is on everything I do, always around.”


AIR Awards Review – Cameron MacDonald

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The rain broke and fans and industry types alike descended on the Forum Theatre, Sunday evening, for the Australian Independent Record Labels Association Jägermeister AIR Awards.  A jubilant and chilled vibe prevailed through a thick fug of the freely-flowing sponsorship herbal elixir.  Cult festival All Tomorrow’s Parties’ ATP Recordings’ The Drones were honoured for their Best Independent Album of the Year, Havilah, and as Independent Artist of the Year; Sydney’s Bridezilla played a mini-set that demonstrated why they appeared on the bill for September’s ATP New York, curated by The Flaming Lips.  Art vs. Science got the nod for their self-titled debut:  Best Independent Dance Album.  Pez seemed genuinely stoked about his gong for Best Independent Hip Hop/Urban Album, A Mind of My Own – but there’s no need to take your half-full alcopop with you to the podium, is there, mate? Genre time-traveler C.W. Stoneking (Best Independent Blues and Roots Album:  Jungle Blues), reminiscent of a one-man Squirrel Nut Zippers (remember them?!) slowed things down for a bit from behind his banjo and smart little red bowtie.   Now that they’ve shortened their moniker, Dappled Cities don’t fly anymore, but they cranked out a mesmerizing rendition of The Night Is Young At Heart, resplendent in matching cosmic butterfly/multi-angel wing outfits.  Excellent live production of the punchy, electro-tinged percussion highlighted inspired and energetic sets by Breakthrough Independent Artist of the Year, Bertie Blackman, and groovy closers, Midnight Juggernauts.  Started early, ended early – good thing for a cheeky Jägermeister-soaked gig outing on a school night!

–          Cameron MacDonald

Speaker Tv, Kiss Fm and Xbox – Present MC Hammer Down Under

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Mover over Guiter Hero, Here Comes DJ Hero

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La Roux – Quicksand

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Robin Thicke ft Jay-z Meiplé CDQ

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Jay-z & Alicia Keys – Empire State of Mind Fan Made Video

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this fan made video stomps the official video