Peaches Review


Canadian-born, Berlin-based Peaches, a.k.a. Merrill Nisker, wrapped up a notoriously sweaty string of DJ sets in Australia on Saturday, September 19 at Melbourne’s Roxanne Parlour.  The mayhem that ensued couldn’t have been any different from Peaches’ former roommate Feist’s solo gig in St Kilda last year.  No teetotaling librarian types shushing your faithful correspondent as he attempted to dance to and from the bar – this former primary school drama and music teacher turned purple spandex-clad high-priestess of groove had us all soaked in frothing champagne, quite literally.  “Suckin’ on my titties like you wanted me, callin’ me…” Oh, we wanna – particularly if that’s the sweet nectar that issues forth…not quite a full-blown live show (she tours the US later this year with her backing band Sweet Machine) but still so much more than a simple DJ set, Peaches was accompanied by a troupe of saucy dancers.   Ever seen someone devour a banana, bite by bite, whilst spinning a hula-hoop around her neck? Phew! Thrown into the mix of electro, rock and hip-hop were a couple of original numbers;  obviously not afraid to work the mic she strutted the capacity crowd through recent single, Talk To Me: “no blame, no shame, this ain’t a Peaches show.”  It may not have been a Peaches show, but, as Dizzee Rascal testified early in the evening’s proceedings, it was certainly “Bonkers!”

–          Cameron MacDonald


One Response to “Peaches Review”

  1. Mona MacDonald Says:

    WOW! Cameron MacDonald always was a music lover and critic-Does he remember painting the walls of a former home while listening to Phantom of the Opera??? Go, Cameron, Go!!

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