Does It Offend You Yeah?

All those crazy people out there who refuse to listen to does it offend you yeah? because of the name, are completely mental! It’s by far one of my favourite records from the 2008. The songs, the production and the energy around this record are just right. Maybe it’s because I’m a child of the 80’s too You know, I’m not normally into vocoder’s either, but when you can pull it off with the style that DIOYY do, then I say use that vocoder all you want!

The big thing is that these crazy people are missing out on the live show! Where to start from the drunken swagger of vocalist James, to random members of the audience singing ‘Let’s Make Out’ so James can bail off stage for a quick fag, their grungy rendition of ‘Dawn Of The Dead’ then giving us a preview of their long awaited second album, throwing in a bunch of new tracks, to the band stage diving at the end of their show. From start to finish, they just rocked! I felt like I was back in the early 90’s when going to see bands was still fun!

I was told to expect the unexpected in all their press releases and there was definitely truth to that statement! You never know what to expect of a studio band, with James and Dan writing all the tunes  and then putting together the band which includes Rob Bloomfield on drums and then vocalist Morgan Quaintance (who has since left to concentrate on his own band Plugs). James is now the accidental vocalist and joining the band on this tour was Matty Derham (ex Fields) and Chole Duveaux (ex Elle Milano). With such a stellar line up I knew I was in for a treat.

This band is a mustsee!
Stay tuned to Speaker TV for our exclusive interview and live footage from the show.


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