Cherry Vinyl On Sundays

The Sunday Vinyl Crew are bringing vinyl back!

Cherry Vinyl 19-07-09

There was a time not so long ago when music lovers maxed the wax rather than prodded the pod to get their sonic highs. So at Cherry Bar on a Sunday nights have gone back to the old school: Music on vinyl. All Night. That’s right. No CD’s, no laptops, and definitely no ipods!

So what type of music will we be playing?

All sorts!

To kick start each night, we’ll be departing with good old rock and roll, but it changes as the night goes on, so there could be soul, funk, punk, reggae, latin, lounge, new wave, rockabilly, disco, POWERBALLADS! Hell, we might even mix ‘em all up together for you in a cross-genre, ménage a plenty!

It all depends on the DJ’s on the night, we never know what they are going to play and that’s the beauty of it! Oh, and did we mention there’s a late licence? On a school night too! Even more reason to come down and be naughty.

So come and join Resident DJ’s The Vinyl Whores and Double A along with guests of their choice each week!

WHERE: Cherry Vinyl

WHEN: Every Sunday from 8:00pm

WHY: Because Entry is Free and the music is rockin for a Sunday night!


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