Friendly Fires!

Friendly Fires, where to start!

Lets start with the fact that i managed to catch their very first London show on a very hot steamy London night so some dodgy pub up in Islington North London.

They, seem to think their show that night was terrible, i wouldn’t say terrible, it was raw, but i could definitely see the potential for the little band to grow in a massive way. Who blames for having a crap show, every god damn record company scout and publisher in the UK music industry were present that night! The FF guys told me last week when i interviewed them  that Late At Pier opened the show that night, alas i was only there to see Friendly Fires! But funny how both are now two of the biggest indie bands in the UK!

So i think the guys told after me seeing their first show, the next show i was to catch only a few short years later was at the Prince band room last Wednesday. It was their 294th show or there abouts! Lets just say that 294 shows later they certainly didn’t disappoint and the St Albans boys had not only grown musically but technically!

Stay tuned to Speaker TV for an interview with Ed and Jack and you might even be lucky to catch some live footage from the show that night too!

In the meantime check out their new tunes on their myspace:


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