Kicklab XXL VSTi Synth

Kicklab XXL VSTi Synth co-produced by Darren Glen inc Presets– Available Now!

Darren has now taken his production and creation to the next level by teaming up with plugin designers Angular Momentum to design one his dream pieces of software for the DAW/VST environment. Darren explains… “The sound of the Kick drum is the foundation of every great dance track. A production can live or die by the Kick sound if it is not selected correctly, compressed correctly, and seriously nailed. For years as a record label A&R manager ive heard great Demos that have been crippled by lame kick drums which let the whole production down. It was time to provide a specific synth plugin full of pro-spec kicks to make life for every producer easier. There are no more excuses! Up until now I’ve been implementing various long-winded tricks to take kick drums to the next level when producing and engineering, there’s never been anything that is specifically designed for the complete job of making a Kick, which is quite a ridiculous situation. Now ive helped to design all these tricks and concepts into one revolutionary kick-ass VST instrument. “

Darren has also provided unique kick sound presets for the Kicklab XXL, extracted from his successful releases and huge unique sample library collected from over 12 years of production. Covering House to Electro to Tech they will all have one thing in common, which is punchy, tight, deep, solid Kick to make the dancefloor rock!

Now available for download! Kicklab XXL by Angular Momentum.


AM KickLab XXL
Virtual kickdrum designer

“Kicklab XXL is the most advanced Kickmaking machine on the market, with the whole vst dedicated solely to the most important percussion element of any electronic track, the KICK.

Kicklab XXL features many original and unique functions and tricks that are often employed by the most savvy dj producers/engineers to get their kicks well and truly NAILED and brings all of these together into one beautiful interface. Kicklab XXL has two powerful sound-generating sections, a Virtual Kick Synth and a Kick Sampler section [with import functions] to rejuvenate your static kick samples with big, warm powerful synth kick sub. With filters on the sample to avoid frequency cancellation, phase change buttons to help match bottom end, delay trims to line up both kick attacks exactly, volume mixing with EQ and saturation options the KICKLAB XXL will create the big, in-your face, round stomping kicks with deep sub that you always dreamed of.”

Darren Glen


Kicklab XXL is designed for producers who understand the importance of a good, solid Kick drum in their track. Often producers spend a large proportion of their time selecting, trimming, changing and balancing the Kick drum in their productions. It is the foundation and building block upon which all the other elements are set upon, and the reality is that a bad sounding Kick can quite simply ruin your track. For this reason many producers lean towards selecting a Kick drum sample over a “synthesized” Kick, for one simple reason…. Kick drum samples generally sound better. But the problem the producer is then faced with is a lack of control over tweaks and modifications to the sound of the Kick in a static sample. So layering techniques have developed over the years where a sample Kick is mixed with other Kick drums from different sources, Eq’d and pitch changed and mixed and tweaked…to create the desired result. Up until now this has been a combination of many different external techniques and processes all coming together, in samplers, external Fx plugins, synths and mixers. Enter…Kicklab XXL.

Virtual section

Sub Oscillator Sine and Triangle
Pitch Adjust
Pitch shaper
AD Envelope Generator
Click Generator
SV Filter with LP/HP/BP/Notch/Peak filtermodes and Velocity Tracking

Sampler Section

Double Precision Stereo Sampler
Trim section
Loop/Forward/Reverse/Key Follow
4 Octave Pitch Adjust
Stereo/Mono Switch
ADS Envelope Generator
Easy scrolling thru samples with previous/next buttons

Mixer Section

3 band EQ
Phase invert (Virtual and Sampler Sections)
Mutes (Virtual and Sampler sections)
Level Metering (Left/Right/Virtual/Sampler Output)
Channel Delay (Virtual and Sampler Section)
Preview Function (disables itself when host is playing)
Multi Channel Output Stereo Main/Virtual+Sampler/All
Main Volume Control

Operation manual Online PDF

Plugin concept designed in conjunction with producer/engineer Darren Glen [Pitch Dark] below.

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