Off The Wall


Speakertv Party @ Roxanne Parlour 30th July 2009 – Check out the Bands on Myspace.





In the spirit of the Off the Wall Party here is some wicked Off the Wall prada (product not the brand prada)





Greg Williams Photography.

Photographer Greg Williams has shot commercials like the Agent Provocateur with British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley or the Wake up Megan Fox (below) for Esquire – Greg’s photographic style merges documentary together with cinematic lighting and composition.


Here we get a detailed look from TK at the heads of the two figures and that makes you understand how much detail and precision work is needed in order to blow up the figures into this new gigantic size properly.




Dazed in 3d.

For August Dazed & Confused specially commissioned a shoot of Marios Schwab’s 3D-inspired collection. Featuring 3D photography by Terry Tsiolis and styling by Nicola Formichetti, plus a specially inserted pair of 3D glasses and exclusive interview with the innovative designer.


Bertone Carabo Concept (1968).

Presented at the 1968 Paris Motor Show, the Bertone Carabo was a futuristic sportscar based on the Alfa Romeo 33 chassis. Designed by Marcello Gandini, it featured original solutions such as scissor doors and multi-coloured glass windows.

It was based on the Chassis of the mid-engined V8 Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 and was an experimental design aimed at solving aerodynamic issues first appeared on the Lamborghini Miura, which suffered from front-end lifts at high speed.

Below we report the official Press Release by Bertone:

At the end of the 1960’s Bertone focussed his creative energies on prototypes. The Turin designer’s creativity and daring reached its peak in 1968 with the Carabo, which was presented at the Paris Motor Show in October.

Built on the Alfa Romeo 33 chassis with a centrally-mounted engine, it became a style classic, known for its creativity and original features, some of which contribute to its legendary standing.

Design features like its tight lines, tapering front blending in seamlessly with the windscreen, and the air inlets and outlets.

And the original door mechanism, with doors opening upwards and forwards (a concept which reappears on the production Countach), and even the novel colour: iridescent green like a beetle (hence the name Carabo, in Italian, a type of beetle).

The result hit the headlines all round the world, and not just in the trade press, and the positive feedback was unanimous.



Bar Refaeli GQ.


Adidas Slvr – F/W 09 – Unlimited Edition Tee.

The single cut neckline and flutter short sleeves paired with large graphics gives this tee a modern look. This is released as a part of the line’s Fall/Winter 09 collection and will be available at select retailers and Adidas SLVR boutiques.


Snaefell Motorcycle Sidecar.

Dubbed “Snaefell,” the 1000cc Laverda motorcycle has three exhausts, and its sidecar offers a luxury ride in comparison to regular sidecars. The designer has employed different parts of a Kawasaki 1000RX and a number of cars to accomplish the motorcycle sidecar, which took 10 years and nearly 15,000 Euros to combine biking and luxury car ride in a single vehicle.


Audi Monument At The Goodwood Destival of Speed.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is just a couple of days away, and since this year’s featured marque is Audi, the Earl of March has commissioned a giant art piece in the automaker’s honor. The art piece looks like a part of some Hot Wheels collection, only it’s massive. It is 135 feet tall, weighs 40 tonnes and has a 1937 Auto Union streamliner and an Audi R8 V10 at either end.

This sculpture, which looks like a swoosh of tire tracks has been designed by Gerry Judah, and the self supporting structure is made entirely out of steel. Since Audi is celebrating its centenary this year, having this sculpture to its name would add a nice touch to the celebrations.



Light Photography.

By various artists.


Riccardo Inspires Us To Be Greater.

Shots from the Givenchy couture fall 2009.


Fray Leon House.

Architect: 57 STUDIO – Maurizio Angelini / Benjamín Oportot
Location: Santiago, Chile
Collaborator: Felipe Zamora
Project year: 2006–2007
Construction year: 2007–2008
Structural Engineer: Claudio Hinojosa
Construction: Jorge Carrasco
Materials: Concrete / Steel / Travertine Marble
Photographs: 57 STUDIO


Cloud Umbrella Design…Ella Ella Ehh Ehhh Ehhh.

Created by Dutch designer Joonsoo Kim, the Cloud Umbrella is carried around in stick form, and then inflated into mini-cumulus clouds of protection when the rain starts to pour. The umbrella is pumped using its pump-handle.


Robert Bradford Sculpture.
Robert Bradford grew up in a fairly bland South London suburb and wanted to become an artist from a very young age. He did his Foundation at Beckenham School of Art , his B.A. in painting at Ravensbourne College of Art in Kent and an M.A. in Film at the Royal College of Art, London.

skel1Richard Avedon.


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