Former Child Stars


Former Child Stars – contrary to the name – is not a band comprised of Macaulay Culkin, Corey Haim and that fat kid from ‘Hey Dad’. Far from it. Rather, FCS is made up of five lovable rogues originally from Adelaide, now living in Sydney, who play some bitchin’ indie pop.

With a fistful of killer shows and supports in their sky-rocket including national tours with Madness (UK) and Faker, Big Day Out ’08, Come Together Festival, The Panics, Van She, Cut Off Your Hands, and the list goes on…) FCS are readying themselves for a massive year ahead of touring the nation and playing shows in their adopted home of Sydney.

The band’s glitzy second EP ‘Serotonin City’ was produced by Scott Horscroft (Silverchair, The Presets, The Panics) at Sydney’s BJB studios. ‘Serotonin City’ is brimming with 5 shimmering new indie pop tunes with danceable beats and infectious hooks, combining elements of sugary synth/guitar power pop and organic, rich vocals.


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